Transit in 2024: We want your input

Complete our survey by December 17! 

We want your input! After reviewing information on this site, complete the survey below by December 17.

Snohomish County is growing, and our travel needs are changing.

In October 2021, Community Transit began serving the light rail station at Northgate, opening up new transit options. In 2024, new light rail stations will open in Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace and Lynnwood that will provide even quicker rides to and from King County.

By connecting our buses to these stations, Community Transit will be able to add more local bus service throughout Snohomish County, including frequent service to light rail. We want to meet your travel needs, whether it’s a closer bus stop, more frequent buses, more weekend options, or new ways of using public transit.

In planning for a better transit system, our goals are to:

  • Connect buses to light rail.
  • Provide frequent service on more routes (buses every 15 minutes).
  • Expand service into new areas and neighborhoods.
  • Adjust to your changing travel needs.
  • Focus on equitable transit access for all in our county.

We are still in the early planning phases, and we need your thoughts, feedback and ideas to develop a plan that will work for you.

Our commitment to you

We have used recent customer surveys and travel data to create some initial ideas about how we might update our service. We are sharing our ideas below, and we’d like to hear what is most important to you.

Using your feedback, we will prioritize the things you value most and share our revised transit plans with you in a few months. Community feedback at this early stage in the planning process is important to ensure we arrive at our shared vision: travel made easy for all.

What you can do:

What’s next:

  • Based on your feedback, we will draft transit route and schedule scenarios to evaluate in more detail.
  • We will share those plans with you in spring 2022, including how your input was used to make service recommendations.
  • We will ask you for your feedback on the updated ideas in spring 2022.

Commitment to equity and inclusion

Equity is at the core of our future transit plans – in our outreach efforts, and how we provide better service to our community, especially to those who depend on transit to get around and who have been underserved in the past.

We are providing this website and survey in five languages and working with community organizations to help include more people in this planning process. In our review process, we will prioritize populations with very low incomes, Latinx and communities of color, foreign-born residents, households that speak limited English, and people living with a disability.

Community Transit bus entering a stop at a light rail station.
Connecting our buses to light rail stations will improve transit service for everyone.

Ways we can make travel easy:

  • Easy connections between light rail,  hover for definition Swift bus rapid transit service, and frequent local bus lines on arterial roads.
  • Fast trips between key points throughout the area.
  • Access to more jobs and essential services.
  • Less waiting time and shorter walking distances.
  • More midday, evening, and weekend service.
  • Improved service for those who depend on transit the most.
Woman and teenage boy wearing masks as they enter the Community Transit bus.
Help us redesign a transit service that works for you!

Transit in 2024 ideas

We want to build a transit network that serves your needs while also benefiting as many other people as possible.

We’ve organized service priorities into four categories:

  • More frequent service.
  • Connections to light rail.
  • Matching service to local needs.
  • Service solutions by area.

Priority: More Frequent Service

We know that people do not want to wait long for their bus. Our Swift bus rapid transit service runs every 10 to 20 minutes. We already have work underway to expand Swift service to connect with light rail stations opening in 2024.

  • Swift Blue Line – This line is extending south to the Shoreline North/185th light rail station in 2024.
  • Swift Orange Line – We are beginning construction in 2022 on our next bus rapid transit line between Edmonds College and Mill Creek, with a connection to light rail in Lynnwood.

We are also considering running buses more often on weekends as well as starting earlier in the morning and running later at night. We are interested in your input on where those additions would be most useful.

We are looking at providing new service in places and more frequent bus service along some popular roads. The map below gives an example of improvements we are exploring.

Map showing example of potential route connections between cities in Snohomish County with routes also going to the light rail stations.
Ideas for new frequent service areas | Click to enlarge

Priority: Light Rail Connections

Currently, Community Transit has 18 routes that travel to King County, serving downtown Seattle or the Northgate light rail station. When light rail gets to Snohomish County in 2024, we will no longer provide bus service to downtown Seattle or Northgate.

We are considering adding more bus service to and from light rail stations at Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood, and possibly Bellevue. Light rail runs in both directions all day, making it easy for you to travel around the region, even outside peak hours. We are interested in your input on this idea.

Map showing example of potential express routes to Lynnwood Light Rail station from Stanwood, Smokey Point, Marysville, Lake Stevens, Snohomish, Monroe, Silver Firs, South Everett and Mukilteo.
Ideas to connect you to regional transit | Click to enlarge

Priority: Matching Service to Local Needs

We are also considering new, more flexible ways to help you get around. These ideas include realigning bus routes, circulator shuttles, and on-demand transit services like microtransit.

Microtransit is a flexible transit service that you request when you need it. It runs in a defined area but doesn’t have specific stops or schedules. You make requests for pick-up and drop-off at a time that works for you by using a phone app or calling.

Some of the benefits of microtransit include:

  • No need for schedules or bus stops.
  • Flexible service that meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go within a defined area.
  • Vehicles that are wheelchair accessible.

A pilot project for this service in Lynnwood is expected to launch in 2022.

Priority: Updated Bus Service by Area

In preparation for 2024, we are considering expanding our local route network into new neighborhoods within Snohomish County. We are also looking at adding more local connections on weekends as well as starting earlier in the morning and running later at night. We are interested in your input on where those additions would be most useful.

Learn more about some ideas we have for improving transit in specific areas of Snohomish County by clicking the + below:

Community Transit shuttle driving in a neighborhood.
We are looking at service ideas other than buses for new ways to get you around. “Microtransit” is a flexible service you could request when you need it, within a certain area.

Next steps

Fall 2021 - We are here!

  • Public outreach and feedback: share your values and travel priorities for the 2024 transit network plan.
  • Work with transit, city partners, and community-based organizations for ideas on proposed 2024 network plan.

Winter 2021

  • Review and incorporate your feedback into the proposed 2024 transit network plan.

Spring 2022

  • Public engagement and outreach: we will share the proposed 2024 transit network plan and ask for your feedback.

Summer 2022

  • Refine and finalize the proposed 2024 transit network plan based on your feedback.

Fall - Winter 2022

  • Present proposed 2024 transit network plan to the Community Transit Board of Directors.
  • Once the new plan is adopted, the improvements will be made over a period of 18 months to allow for time to hire drivers, buy more buses, install new stops and signage, and inform our communities about the redesigned network.

Spring 2023- Mid 2024

  • Between 2023-2024, we will make changes to our routes in phases.


Future changes are expected through 2026 to continue improving our local network, connections with light rail, and our new services.


We’d like to hear what is most important to you!

Complete the survey below, letting us know your thoughts and ideas on how to improve future service. The survey will be open until December 17, 2021.

We will take that feedback and share our revised transit plans with you in a few months.